What is CanPedia?

CanPedia is a public international catalog for Cans. Registered users can add, rate and edit any information.

The site gives you the ability to easily maintain your personal collection, as well as finding fellow collectors.
I am hoping we will become a community, trying to provide as much information about the world of cans to all our users.

Who runs it?

Michaël Van Laere (username: michael) owns, operates, and develops CanPedia.net.
A group of administrators help the site run smoothly. They have a range of administrative abilities including approving and denying submitted information,
being able to ban abusive users and locking or deleting abusive posts.
Admins also help settle disputes between users.

How is the site funded?

Michaël Van Laere (username: michael) is funded solely by Michaël Van Laere.

What can you do here?

The most important thing to support the site is to contribute to the catalog by adding and correcting information, uploading pictures and rating and reviewing cans!
The site could not exist without the time and effort of each user.

Don't hesitate with suggestion and tips on ideas and improvements.

How do I take pictures of the can?

Step 1: Use a digital camera to take the pictures, the higher the resolution, the better. I take all my pictures with a 7 Megapixel digital camera.

Step 2: Avoid reflection and glare. Take the picture on a plain white background. Preferably have both sides covered by a plain white paper as well.
As you can see I lay my can on a white sheet and have both sides covered by white sheets as well.

Step 3: Take at least 3 pictures of each side of the can. If the can has the same display on a side, still take 3 pictures.

Step 4: Use an imaging editing software. I use Paint.Net which is free. You can use any software you like.

Step 5: Crop every picture.

Step 6: Remove the background by selecting the Magic Wand and setting the tolerance to approximately 30.
You can zoom in, and add/remove parts of the selected area by holding Ctrl/Alt when making additional selections.

Step 7: Rotate each picture so that it is straight.
Use the Rotate / Zoom tool (Ctrl+Shift+Z) to rotate the picture so it lines up straight.

Step 8: Increasing the canvas.
Resize the canvas of the first picture using the Canvas Size (Ctrl+Shift+R) tool so we can add the other pictures.

Increase the width.

The canvas increased.

Step 9: Make the three pictures into one.

Crop the left/top/bottom sides of the canvas.

Select the second picture of the can and select only up to the left side of the can and press Ctrl-C to copy the image.

Goto the first picture and press Ctrl-V to paste the image onto the canvas.
If the pasted image is to big just select the Keep Canvas Size button in the popup window.

The image is pasted on top of the first.

Move the pasted picture next to the right side of the first image.

Resize the pasted picture by dragging the handles while holding Ctrl.

The resized image aligned next to the first.

Paste the third image, and resize and align.

Crop the right side of the image.